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Lay down! Close your eyes! Take a nap and let the sun kiss your skin with a beautiful shade … oh wait you can’t. The moment you arrived at the beach your friends and family went off to play volleyball, go surfing or take that all relaxing walk down the beach. You’ve been waiting for this moment to relax, you just want to shut your eyes, pop in your headphones and drift away, but that’s not possible. Why? Well, you're currently guarding beach bags containing keys, wallets, cellphones, perhaps a kindle for reading or an Ipad. Well my friend, you don’t have to wait for someone to relieve you from your security post in order to begin relaxing. Let the beach vault do that for you!


The Beach Vault keeps your valuables safe from theft or elemental damages. Have some peace of mind and finally relax at the beach.


    Caution: The Beach Vault is designed for use by adults only. Children should not use without adult supervision. Do not allow children to place head through towel hole or in Beach Vault cavity. Risk of injury: Use caution when carrying. Do not drop. Do not leave Beach Vault unattended, submersed in water, or in excessive temperatures while containing valuables. Keep lid secure to avoid tripping hazard. The Beach Vault does not claim responsibility for injuries caused by misuse, or loss, or damage of valuables. Consumer assumes all responsibility of The Beach Vault.